from the Latin aequus, equal, and libra, balance..
A situation in which the parties or forces involved are equal.

This state allows for all possible evolutions…

We are balance facilitators in the workplace

In today’s fast-moving, ever-changing world, mastering personal and professional balance is more important than ever. It supports quality of life at work, which in turn contributes significantly to performance. When everyone finds their balance, the whole company wins.

The Equilibre agency is the result of a deliberate choice to approach the individual as a whole and as part of the system in which he or she is embedded, rather than limiting ourselves to a fragmented or standardised vision, deaf to the particularities of each individual and each company.

We don’t copy and paste, we tailor-make. Our customers are all unique and need to be listened to, supported and provided with specific solutions: the point of balance varies according to the situation and the needs of a company or an individual.

With this in mind, we have chosen our multi-disciplinary team of experts and developed a range of original solutions.